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Thursday, December 29, 2011

East Meet West Cupcakes Tower

                                                             Wedding Toppers
                                                               Oriental Wedding couples in 2D

                                             Oriental Wedding Couples between of  "Rings and                                                          double- happiness in heartshape design"

made this for my cousin's wedding.

Crayon SinChan Cupcakes

Dimsum Chef Cupcakes

 Egg tarts , Siew-Mai , Char Siew Pow, Chee Cheong Fun and Har-Gao.....you also can find all this delicious Dimsum in LOLcake =P
                                                                      Happy Chef ^^

Food Lover Cupcakes

                                              Steak,baked corn,Big green pea and tomatoes
                                             Banana Boat - Ice-cream and some toppings

Mini Camera Cake 

requested by my best friend- Irene for her cousin's 21st year old birthday

Cupcakes for Boyfriend

                                          i-pad ,i-phone and nike sport shoe for Vicky's

                                                                                                           close-up of the Nike sport shoes

LOLcake cupcake

requested by my friend- Cindy Ong for her hubby's birthday ,iphone,i-pad ,Ferrari and some chinese wordings "Daddy , Hubby and HappyBirthday "if  translated to English
                                                                        Butter Crab