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Thursday, December 29, 2011

East Meet West Cupcakes Tower

                                                             Wedding Toppers
                                                               Oriental Wedding couples in 2D

                                             Oriental Wedding Couples between of  "Rings and                                                          double- happiness in heartshape design"

made this for my cousin's wedding.

Crayon SinChan Cupcakes

Dimsum Chef Cupcakes

 Egg tarts , Siew-Mai , Char Siew Pow, Chee Cheong Fun and Har-Gao.....you also can find all this delicious Dimsum in LOLcake =P
                                                                      Happy Chef ^^

Food Lover Cupcakes

                                              Steak,baked corn,Big green pea and tomatoes
                                             Banana Boat - Ice-cream and some toppings

Mini Camera Cake 

requested by my best friend- Irene for her cousin's 21st year old birthday

Cupcakes for Boyfriend

                                          i-pad ,i-phone and nike sport shoe for Vicky's

                                                                                                           close-up of the Nike sport shoes

LOLcake cupcake

requested by my friend- Cindy Ong for her hubby's birthday ,iphone,i-pad ,Ferrari and some chinese wordings "Daddy , Hubby and HappyBirthday "if  translated to English
                                                                        Butter Crab

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Love You cupcakes

Magnum ,Damacai and SportsToto Cupcakes

Patrick The Red Dog Cupcakes

Super Mario Cupcakes

                                                       Fire Flower,Piranha and red mushroom
Bad Evil Mushroom


Yoshi-the green dragon

 The Completed set of Super Mario Bros~

Baby In Rabbit Suit

Baby Piglet Topper

Mini Doll

Create this set cupcakes for my best friend's birthday!Nance Happy Birthday~

Daddy's cupcakes

ordered by my friend-GuanLing
special requested on the customized number on gambling winning result! lol

Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds (comic version) It's Edible!!

The Red Angry Couples is looking at their eggs.lol
the eggs are gone!!

 OMG! the hungry green pig have stole the eggs!!
the Angry birds are very pissed!!

the fighting is begin!!Kapoww!! POW!!
Finally ,the angry birds have got their eggs back,but with some sticker on their body too...LOL

all angry birds and green pigs were hand molded by sugar paste,so it is safe to eat!

Kate Tsui's Stage Cake (徐子珊)

 Requested by a little fans of Kate Tsui ,trying so hard to make the figurine look alike her =P
 Kate figurine stand on a round stage with 4 LED light
some wordings for her idol.
this cake is for a dinners after Kate Tsui having her show in Arena Of Star Genting Highland.Be Charmed Live in Malaysia 2011 《绽放魅力演唱会》

Cute Owl Cuppies

Wedding Suit Cupcakes

 make this for my ex-schoolmate -IeeLing and her hubby Siu You

Music Theme Cupcakes

SinChan Cupcakes

Tony Chopper Cupcakes (乔巴)