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Monday, July 25, 2011

Cake For Chef

We got Roasted Chicken , Sliced Cucumbers With Sauce Meat On Top and Braised Pork Legs for the dinner tonight! :p
 Taada! A chef standing on the table showing off his chinese cuisine! :p

commisioned by Elaine for her BF's birthday.

The Battle Of Crab and Octopus (My Entry for ICCA Novelty Cake Competition 2011)

 Colourful Corals~
 The Crab!
 One of the Octopus hand have been cut by the Crab with it's strong claw!
 The Octopus!

The SeaStar

Yus And Siti Wedding Cupcakes

 commissioned by Arina,my secondary-school classmate,a purple themed wedding cupcakes for her Sister Big Day!
Siti the bride with blue gown and nurse hat.
Yus the groom with black tuxedo suit.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Naruto Cupcake

 It's a Shippuden Naruto!Commissioned by Lylian for her 8year old son - Terence!
 Naruto's weapons!!
Shippuden Naruto-

Friday, July 15, 2011

Burberry Handbag and Pink roses cupcakes

Father's Day Cupcake

this is my all time favourite drink-Tea C aka Milk Tea in an old-fashioned tea cup that you can find in Hainanese Coffee House)

Tan See Fong Unique Cake Competition

this is fresh cream cake....another decorating cake live in front of peoples!

Kuali Cake Competition- The Lovely Duckies

This is my entry for "Kuali Cake Decorating Competition 2011".This is my 1st time in making cake LIVE in front of  many people.I did manage to complete my cake in the hour given. It was a great experience for me !

this cute couples doesn't won me any prize,but i had fun with my cake friends.